6 Features To Look For When Buying An Electric Scooter Cooler

6 July 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

The electric scooter cooler is a trending motoring piece of equipment that may find useful. For those who find walking around a chore, it is an ideal solution. Imagine a motorized scooter with a built in, removable ice chest or cooler so to speak. It is great for getting around country fairgrounds and parks, tailgating parties and more. The electric scooter cooler operates on a rechargeable battery and offers a cooler that doubles as a seat for ride-on convenience. Best of all, they are lightweight and can easily be transported in the truck of most vehicles.

The cooler is often available in various capacities for holding cold beverages and cold foods. Before you set out to buy your motorized scooter cooler, which can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, consider the following important features and options:

1. High Wattage

Typically, the higher wattage of your scooter cooler, the faster speed it will produce. If speed is important to you, choose a scooter with 500 or 1,000 watts of power rather than the minimum power which may not exceed more than 300 watts.

In addition, a higher wattage may mean a longer range capability and larger storage capacity. The models with powerful wattage may also have stronger internals and be more durable. High wattage electric scooter coolers will also be able to handle inclines better and be more suitable for towing cargo loads. However, the one drawback is higher wattage may mean heavier weight, although this is not always the case.

2. Rider Weight Capacity

You might want to check the specifications for weight limits. While some motorized scooter coolers have a ride on weight capacity of 200 pounds, you'll find deluxe models that offer a heavier weight capacity for individuals who weigh more. These are generally the high wattage models.

3. Cargo Capacity

How many beer or beverage cans and pounds of ice do you need to haul around? You'll find electric scooter coolers with small cargo load capacity, as well as mid range and large load capacity. Even if you believe you'll only be carrying 10 or 12 cans of soda or beer and a few pounds of ice, it may be best to opt for the larger capacity so you'll have enough space for extras.

4. Detachable Cargo Trailer

This is an optional accessory or add-on that you might want to consider. Sometimes you just might need extra storage and hauling space to transport extra quantities of beer or soft drink cans. If your ride on cooler cargo space is limited, you can increase the storage with a hitch. The cargo trailer easily connects to the back of your electric scooter cooler. As for it at your scooter dealer supply store.

5. Removable Cooler Seat With Backrest

While it is true that you may certainly ride on the top of the cooler, you may find an optional cooler seat with back rest to provide a more comfortable ride. This is especially helpful and convenient while riding on rough terrain that may be a bit bumpy. You may find a cushioned seat to eliminate the shock on such surfaces. However, if you will mostly be using your ride on electric scooter cooler indoors or on smooth and level surfaces, you might find the optional cushioned seat is not a necessity.

6. Long Charge Time

An electric scooter cooler with a long charge time (the length of time you will be able to drive it on a single battery charge) is a good feature to have. Depending upon your driving perimeters and if you are operating at full throttle, you may be able to get several hours of run time on a single charge. Factors also depend upon how much weight the unit will be supporting. In any case, it's a good idea to opt for a model that has good run time, especially if you will be using it for a long stretch of time.

As a side note, it's a good idea to inquire about replacement parts and service from your dealer.