Caring For Your Boat's Upholstered Seats

23 November 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

A pontoon boat will be one of the more affordable types of boats that you can own. In addition to being affordable, these boats are also durable and capable of working in relatively shallow water. If you own a pontoon boat, there are some guidelines that can be used to keep the seats of the boat in the best condition possible. Failing to care for the boats of your pontoon can force you to replace them or have to endure sitting in uncomfortable seats.

Avoid Letting Algae Grow On The Seat

Algae growing on the upholstery of your pontoon seats can be a major source of damage to them. This is due to the algae retaining moisture against the upholstery, and this can contribute to the upholstery rotting. Furthermore, staining can be another side effect of algae growing on the seat. To keep the seats from suffering these damages you should thoroughly wash and rinse them at least every week. If algae growing on your seats is a particularly frequent problem, you should use an upholstery cleaner that is formulated to prevent algae from returning.

Patch Rips And Tears

The upholstery on your pontoon boat seats will experience some significant wear from being exposed to the elements. This can make the fabric of the upholstery much more brittle. Once a rip or tear forms in the seat, it will likely rapidly grow unless it is promptly repaired. One way of making it easy to repair these damages is by keeping an upholstery repair kit on your boat at all time. If you find that the fabric in one of the seats has ripped, you can use this kit to quickly repair the damage. When choosing one of these kits, you should make sure that it is designed for use on a boat as exposure to moisture will degrade the thread in a standard fabric repair kit.

Remove The Seats When Storing The Boat

During the winter or other times when you are unable to regularly use the boat, you may find that you can greatly reduce the wear on the seats by removing them during these times. This will allow you to ensure that the seats are stored in an optimal environment. You may assume that thi will be difficult to do, but most of these boats will have a release that can be used to detach the seats. For those that are worried about storing these large seats, some pontoon boats have a latch that can be used to simply remove the layer of upholstery from the rest of the seat.