Why Fishing The Flats Is The Perfect Type Of Fishing Outing

11 February 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're looking at the available outings that a local fishing charter provides, you'll often see a variety of options. If fishing the flats is listed, this is definitely a type of fishing that you'll want to strongly consider — especially if you've never done it before. Fishing the flats involves using a shallow-bottom boat and navigating to an area in which the water is shallow — usually, just a few feet deep. You might think that this means you'll only have a chance at smaller fish, but this isn't the case. Many large fish lurk in the flats, and you have a good chance of catching one. Here are three reasons that fishing that flats are the perfect type of outing for your charter.

There's Plenty Of Action

One of the challenges of fishing in deeper water is that you can go long periods with little to no action — and this may understandably make you wonder whether there are any fish in the area. This isn't the case when you fish the flats. In addition to being shallow, the water in such location is usually very clear, which means that you can see to the bottom. You'll thus have a clear picture of how many fish are in the area, and just how big they are. And, it's a thrill to drop your lure into the water and see how the fish react.

The Conditions Are Calm

Deep-sea fishing has a lot of excitement to it, but if you're someone who gets a little queasy in turbulent conditions, this might not be the perfect type of fishing charter for you. The up-and-down nature of fishing in the open water, especially on a windy day, can leave you feeling seasick. When you fish the flats, however, this won't be a concern at all. This water is known for its smoothness, which can make it suitable for even someone who often gets motion sick.

You Can Match Your Bait

Fish that dwell in the flats look for a certain type of food, which means that it's important for you to have such items on your hooks. While worms can work, you can also get access to flat-dwelling prey such as small shrimp and crab, depending on where you're fishing. In many cases, your charter will provide this bait. You can then hook the bait onto your hooks so that you're fishing with bait that is suitable for the area — thus leading to lots of action.

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