Going On A Trip? Here's Why You Should Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel Room

26 February 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

There are a variety of reasons to consider renting a vacation home instead of a hotel room when going on a trip – here are a few of significance:

Make Yourself at Home

Unlike a cramped hotel room, vacation home rentals offer plenty of space for the whole family and will afford each person staying with you the privacy they want and deserve throughout your vacation. And while hotel rooms tend to be bland with impersonal décor, vacation rentals are usually well furnished and decorated to make you feel like you're enjoying a home away from home.

You can choose the number of rooms and common areas that fit your party's needs – you are never stuck with limited choices like you'd typically deal with when reserving a hotel room. And you'll find lots of closet space for your party to take advantage of so the common areas stay clutter free.

Share Your Housing Costs

If you are going on a trip with another family or a group of friends, you may be able to save some money on your accommodations when renting a vacation home instead of hotel rooms. Everyone can share the rental house costs, including any deposits that have to be paid. You can split the costs evenly among every person in your party, which means that you might be able to score accommodations for a fraction of daily hotel costs.

Keep Your Laundry Clean

Forget about having to leave your accommodations to wash your clothes at a hotel laundry room or local laundromat. Many vacation home rentals have a complete laundry room inside the house itself, or at the very least in the garage or basement. You can wash your clothes whenever you want to without ever having to leave the rental home. Put your clothes in the dryer before you go to bed, and they'll be ready for you when you wake up in the morning. Wash clothes while you're out exploring your destination, and fold them whenever you get around to it.

Cook Your Own Meals

Renting a vacation home will give you and your party members access to a full kitchen so you can cook your own meals and save money on eating out. Fill the fridge and cupboards the first day you arrive, and you won't have to think about food for the rest of your vacation. Prepare sandwiches and snacks for your outings so you don't have to eat and expensive restaurants. Have pizza night, make ice cream sundaes, and indulge in a snack without having to order room service or head to the store.

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