The Top Mistakes Beginner Break Dancers Make

17 June 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Break dancing is an intimidating sport for those who are uninitiated. It may seem challenging, but it is actually not if you understand the common mistakes that are made when break dancing and avoid them. Anyone can perform certain break dance moves with a little practice and after getting in shape.

Attempting Advanced Moves

Do not perform difficult break dancing moves until you are prepared or you will simply become discouraged and may even hurt yourself. One of the most basic dance moves you can perform is the crabwalk. Later, you will want to learn top-rock and how to do a drop.

Choosing The Wrong Music

The break dancing music is the most important part. You must choose music that is upbeat and has a steady flow or you will disrupt your rhythm. Choose music you enjoy because you will need to be into the music to be motivated to dance.

Choosing The Wrong Location

Avoid break dancing on carpeting. The key is to have a surface material that you can easily slide across. Good options include hardwood, linoleum and tile. Make sure that the area is cleared not only to keep yourself safe, but also so that you will be focused on your break dance moves and not on whether you will break anything or hurt yourself.

Not Wearing The Right Clothes

Break dancing requires a lot of physical exertion. You will need to wear comfortable athletic shoes so that you will be able to break dance more effectively. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement.

Not Getting Teched

Make sure to mix up your moves in combinations so that you will be "teched." "Teched" is a term that refers to break dancing moves that are very complex and distinct. Start with a pattern of dance moves. They might seem repetitive, but they will make it easier to learn for beginners. Begin with 3-4 moves initially. Then, work your way up to 8 moves. After you have become accustomed to patterns, mix your moves up so that you are not as repetitive.

Learning Too Much Too Soon

Break dancing requires practice. One of the most common mistakes is for break dancers to try to learn all of the most popular dance moves rather than mastering a handful of individual ones. This will lead to you having much better moves and put you on the way to being a pro.