Use These Camping Devices To Provide A Rhythm Section For The Campfire Guitarist

27 December 2017
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If you're a summer camp counselor and you're looking for activities for the evening, having a counselor play guitar around the campfire can be fun. While it can be fun to listen to someone strumming away around the campfire, your campers might wish to join in the soundtrack to the evening — and they shouldn't let the lack of an instrument foil them. Fortunately, there are several pieces of camping equipment that you can use in a pinch to provide a rhythm section for the guitarist. Read More 

Helpful Quail Hunting Tips: How To Successfully Catch Your Prey

8 December 2017
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Are you planning to go quail hunting? If this is something that's a bit new and different to you, there are some helpful tips you should follow. Hunting quail is slightly different from hunting some other animals, especially since these birds are capable of flying away in an attempt to avoid getting caught. As they start flying away, it's the best time to aim and fire. By following a few simple tips, you should be able to safely and easily catch these birds. Read More 

Caring For Your Boat’s Upholstered Seats

23 November 2017
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A pontoon boat will be one of the more affordable types of boats that you can own. In addition to being affordable, these boats are also durable and capable of working in relatively shallow water. If you own a pontoon boat, there are some guidelines that can be used to keep the seats of the boat in the best condition possible. Failing to care for the boats of your pontoon can force you to replace them or have to endure sitting in uncomfortable seats. Read More 

Why Hunting Ranches Are The Best Places To Find Mature Bucks

13 November 2017
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When it comes to whitetail deer hunting, harvesting mature bucks can be difficult in some states, particularly if you wait to long after the beginning of the season to go hunting. By the time young bucks become mature, they've already figured out that movement is dangerous during hunting season. In fact, deer that were captured and fitted with GPS collars to track their movement proved that middle-aged bucks (3-4 years old) tend to shift their homes to remote areas where hunters are less likely to be. Read More 

Looking For A New Hobby? Why You Should Take Up Pistol Training

19 October 2017
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Whether you're doing it for safety reasons or taking it up for sport, learning how to use a gum can be beneficial in so many ways. You'll know how to protect yourself in case of impending danger and this can give you an incredible sense of peace. However, if you currently use a gun, you might have learned your technique from a novice. This would mean that you are a gun user who really isn't versed in the true purpose of the gun. Read More