Avoiding Mistakes With Dock Construction

22 August 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

With a lake house and property, it's natural that you'll eventually look out onto the waves and consider constructing a small dock that allows you to fish, soak up sun, or access a boat. You may even see makeshift docks in front of other properties and think they look easy to make. To avoid assorted problems, pay attention to these dock errors that could unnecessarily cause trouble.

Ignoring Permits

You might not be able to construct anything without the right paperwork. If you're part of an owner association, investigate any bylaws to ensure you're legally allowed to make a dock. Check with the city or town to discover whether permits could be necessary. Ignoring this issue could mean violation fees and fines will soon arrive in your mailbox.

Using Natural Lumber

You may hope to save money when putting up a simple dock and imagine that completely untreated, natural wood will work out just fine. However, that could make more work for you. Natural lumber can be knotty which can make sawing planks a chore. There's a chance that the natural wood you use could rot or warp from so much water exposure too. To be safe and enjoy better results, choose treated wood only, even if the planks cost more.

Not Securing Dock

Because lake water seems so still, it's easy to leave your work for the evening without imagining the dock under construction will travel too far. You may half-heartedly pull it partially onto shore without thinking much about it. You could end up being shocked to see your project far out in the water when you return.

Even if you don't expect the water to be active at all, it's smart to drive a pole or stake into dry land and use cables or ropes to secure your work and stop any part of the dock from getting away. If you pull the entire dock from the water completely, secure it then as well.

Forgetting Hookups

The dock might look fantastic when everything is done, but you may have forgotten a key component: the hookup you'll need for anchoring boats. This is a simple fix: all you've got to do is get a series of hooks and screw them in along the dock edge or into one of the barrels.

Ignoring Inspections

As days pass, you may fully enjoy the dock. However, your work isn't done. Frequent inspections of the integrity of the pilings or barrels can protect you and anyone else using the structure. Without these inspections, someone might become injured. Be vigilant about checking for problems.

Without these mistakes, you can be very pleased with the dock you make. Conversations with marine supply retailers can present you with even more knowledge so your dock turns out well.