Time To See The Country? How To Prepare For A Cross-Country Bike Ride

6 October 2017
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If you're going to be embarking on a cross-country bike trip, you've got to be prepared for everything. Riding a bike across the United States is a lot different than driving a car. For one thing, you'll only be able to go as fast as your legs can pedal. For another thing, you're going to be exposed to every weather pattern you encounter. Before you take off on your grand adventure, make sure you're totally prepared. Here are four steps to help get you started.

Do Your Research

If you're going to be riding your bike, across the United States, you need to know that you might encounter some break downs. While most of those breakdowns will consist of problems that you can take care of by yourself, some of them won't be. Some of them are going to require professional bike repair services. If you're not sure where to find those services, you might end up stranded in unfamiliar territory. Before you head out on your bike ride, map out your route. Once you have your route settled on, take the time to identify all the bike repair shops along that route. Knowing that information in advance will ensure that you're prepared should your bike break down along the way.

Be Prepared with the Right Tools

As stated above, there will be problems that you'll be able to repair on your own, if you have the right tools. You know you'll need a couple spare tubes, a patch kit, and a tire pump. However, there might be other tools that will be essential for you to have on a cross-country bike ride. While you're planning your trip, stop by your neighborhood bike repair shop, and ask them for a list of essential tools. They'll be able to help you prepare for your road trip. It's also a good idea to bring your bike in for a last minute checkup. That way, they can identify, and repair, any problems that might cause a breakdown on the road.

Know Where You Are

You may have your route all mapped out, but unexpected changes can occur. For instance, you might encounter roadwork along the way that will send you in an alternate direction. To be prepared for these unexpected events, you should bring a GPS system along with you. Program your route into the GPS, and it will alert you to changes, and help you navigate through the detours.

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