Tips For Organizing A Foul Ball Collection

1 May 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you attend enough baseball games, you may end up amassing a decent-sized foul ball collection. Of course, your odds of snagging a foul ball are higher if you attend college or minor league games. At such games, fewer fans mean less competition, and you may be able to get a foul ball with surprising regularity. Instead of playing catch with these balls or just tossing them into your cupboard, it can be fun to turn them into a proper collection — and hope to add to the collection after each future baseball game that you attend. Here are some tips for putting together the balls that you collect.

Snap A Photo

Each time that you get a foul ball at a baseball game, snap a photo to commemorate the occasion. Holding the ball with your back to the field and having a friend or even a random stranger take a photo with your smartphone gives you a valuable memento to go with the baseball, and there are many different ways that you can display these photos with your collection.

Take Note Of The Specifics

To truly put together a detailed collection, you'll want to quickly make some notes about the specifics surrounding the foul ball that you snag. At a minimum, you'll want to note the date of the game and the two teams playing. Jotting down the player who hit it and the pitcher who threw the ball can also be nice — if a superstar was involved in hitting or pitching the ball, you may find that you cherish the souvenir from the sporting event even more. Depending on how detailed you want to be, you could also note the inning, pitch count, and even the section in which you caught the ball. Keeping the ticket from the game can also provide valuable details, as well as be a suitable display item to put with the ball.

Dedicate Space For Them

In your home, there are many different ways to display your foul ball collection. Generally, you'll want to place each individual ball in a clear plastic case to protect it from dust and ultraviolet rays. With a label maker, you can print the specifics of how you got the ball and stick the labels on the bottoms of each case. Print each of the photos of you with each ball and set the photo behind the ball on a shelf. Remember to choose the right size of shelf — pick an area in which there's room for your collection to grow, as it very well might with each additional baseball game that you attend.

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