Tips For Playing A Par-Three Golf Course For The First Time

22 August 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're looking for a new type of golf course to explore, consider looking for a par-three golf course in your area. Whereas a traditional golf course usually has holes with pars of three, four, and five, a par-three course is entirely made of up par-three holes. This isn't a child's game, however — there are still plenty of challenges that you'll face as you play nine or 18 holes on this course. If you haven't played a par-three golf course before, here are some tips that can help you to enjoy the experience more.

Overhaul Your Golf Bag

Before you head out to play a par-three course, take some time to go through your golf bag and make some changes. Your biggest priority will be to get rid of the clubs that you're unlikely to use. While you can check the golf course's website for yardage information, you generally won't need to use your driver — and your three-wood may also be unnecessary. There's little value in carrying around extra clubs that only make your golf bag heavier, so don't hesitate to remove these clubs and leave them at home.

Be Aggressive

Unless you're a new golfer who is still working to master the fundamentals of the game, it can be rewarding to be aggressive when you play a par-three course. Instead of taking more of a moderate approach — for example, laying up short of a sand bunker or a water hazard — take aggressive shots whenever there's an opportunity. Usually, you'll find that you can drive the green on every par-three hole. Work with different clubs to increase your ability to do so, and the end result may be low scores that make you feel good about your play.

Play With A Group

While there's nothing wrong with tackling a par-three course by yourself, you'll often find that it's more fun to make up a foursome and tee off together. Because the holes are shorter, you'll find that your group stays together more; on a longer hole, comparatively, each of you may end up in different areas of the fairway and thus not spend much time together. A par-three course is highly conducive to friendly competition, given the ability to put up good scores, too, and you and your golfing friends may quickly find that you prefer playing this type of course instead of a traditional golf course with longer holes.

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