3 Reasons To Take Adult Dance Lessons

24 September 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Maybe you want to fill your social calendar, or perhaps you want to switch up your exercise routine. Signing up for adult dance lessons can help you accomplish both of these goals at once. There are many types of adult dance courses, including salsa dancing, ballroom dancing,  hip hop, and break dancing. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider taking an adult dance class.

1. You Control How Often You Attend Class

Adult dance classes offer numerous scheduling options so that your lessons do not interfere with your work obligations or family events. If you prefer to attend class on a regularly scheduled basis, a weekly or bi-weekly class may be best for you. However, if you have a fluctuating schedule, drop-in classes may be a better fit.

With drop-in dance classes, you attend only the sessions that work for you. You typically have the option to pay when you attend class or to purchase a package of classes. The package is usually cheaper than paying for classes as you attend. 

Sign up for unlimited dance lessons if you know that you want to explore different types of dance or want to increase your activity levels. Unlimited lessons require that you pay a set monthly fee.

2. Regular Dance Sessions Have Numerous Health Benefits

Dancing has multiple physical and mental health benefits. If you need to lose weight, dancing can help you do this. Though the calorie burn will vary based on your selected dance course, your body weight, and your level of exertion, an hour of salsa dancing burns between 405-480 calories. Hip hop dancing offers a calorie burn of 370 to 610 calories per hour.

Not only will dancing boost your overall calorie burn, it will also increase your muscle strength and boost your joint health. Many individuals find that dancing is an excellent stress reliever and helps them alleviate feelings of depression or anxiety. Mastering a tricky dance step can also increase your self confidence and offer a sense of satisfaction.

3. The Dance Community Provides Opportunities to Meet New People

Making friends as an adult can be difficult, especially if you neglect to pursue activities that you find interesting. Dance lessons give you the opportunity to connect with other individuals who share your interest in dancing.

Dancing attracts students from every walk of life, allowing you to socialize with a diverse group of people. Some dance courses even host meet-ups outside of scheduled sessions so that students have more time to socialize and master their new moves.