Need To Use An RV Storage Facility? Know What Features To Look For

23 June 2021
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Do you own an RV that primarily lives on your property when it's not being used? If so, you may want a way to store the vehicle so that it doesn't take up space during its downtime. That's where an RV storage facility comes into play. Here are some features to look for when picking between various storage facilities.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

The main choice that you need to make when picking a facility is if you want one that is indoor or outdoor. The differences between the two should be quite clear since an indoor facility gives the vehicle protection from the weather all year round. However, some indoor facilities also heat and cool the space as well while others do not. This matters because a facility that has climate controls means that you do not need to winterize your vehicle, making it easier to take the RV out during the cold months without much prep work. In the end, you must decide on how much protection you want and what your monthly storage budget is since you may just want the RV out of sight.


Ask yourself how secure the RV storage facility is. While your yard may not have been the most secure space, you were at least easily able to keep an eye on the RV and check in on it if necessary. When the vehicle is at a storage facility, you need to look into the faciliy's security. 

Pay attention to how people access the storage facility. Is there a security guard there at all times watching the place? Can anybody walk into the facility? Do you need a key or PIN code to get inside? Are there security cameras in place? Some facilities will park the RVs in a big open area, while others will give you an individual garage that only you have access to as if it were a storage unit. Make sure that the level of security is what you are looking for and makes you feel comfortable leaving the RV unattended for long periods of time. 

Electricity Access

Find how if the storage facility has easy access to electricity, you may need to keep a battery charged so that it is not dead when you go to use the RV again. This can make it really convenient to get the RV and go on a moment's notice, rather than have to plan out your trips. 

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