9Mm Bullet Styles And The Ammunition Selection Process

24 February 2022
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An ammunition selection process may depend upon whether a gun will be used for recreational or self-defense purposes. A 9mm ammunition bullet is one that will contain a hard or soft metal exterior. The interior of a bullet may contain metal or a void.

The Basics 

A 9mm bullet is one that is commonly used during military operations, police operations, self-defense efforts, target practice sessions, hunting expeditions, and recreational shooting activities. A 9mm bullet product is sold in jacketed and unjacketed formats. A jacketed product will contain an exterior that is made of copper or another hard metal variety.

The bullet itself is usually constructed of lead. Some bullets contain hollow points, open tips, or ballistic tips. A full metal jacket is one of the most prevalent 9mm bullet types. This bullet is a product that is often used for recreational hunting or shooting practice rounds.

Bullet Types

A solid metal bullet will pass through an object. Some people confuse 9mm bullets with ammunition products that contain gunpowder. 9mm bullets do not contain any gunpowder. When a metal projectile makes contact with a target, the bullet will enter the item on one side and exit on the other. A hollow-point bullet has a higher stopping power than a solid bullet. This type of bullet is often used for self-defense or hunting.

As a 9mm hollow-point bullet makes contact with soft tissue, it will slow down and the bullet itself will change its shape. This is due to the soft outer shell that hollow points contain. The velocity of a hollow-point bullet and the amount of pressure that it encounters upon impact will peel back the soft metal outer layer.

Once the bullet has fully entered a target, it will expand. This expansion can cause extensive damage to soft tissue. A hollow-point bullet may remain within an animal or person's body and not exit in the manner that a solid metal bullet would. 

Bullet Selection Strategies

Choosing bullets may involve pricing various types and inspecting bullet styles. If a gun will be used for self-defense or for many hunting trips, the purchase of a basic bullet style and custom bullets will support target practice activities and live shooting events.

Because a self-defense weapon may be what ultimately saves a victim, a high-quality bullet type that contains a hollow point should be the main type of ammunition that is purchased. If multiple bullet types are going to be purchased, bullet holders can be used to keep bullets organized and separated.