3 Tips To Find The Right Boat Dealership

23 May 2022
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Summer is nearly here and it's the perfect time to buy that boat you've always wanted. But how do you know which boat dealer is best for your needs? Here are three things to consider when looking for a boat dealership to do business with.

1. Where Are You Going to Use Your Boat?

If you live and work in a large city but escape to your vacation home on a pristine lake far outside the city limits, buying from a boat dealer near your primary residence may not be the best idea. While you may find a great price on a boat at an urban dealer, that savings could potentially be eaten up by dealer prep and delivery charges.

Depending on how far your second home is from the dealership, the delivery may not even be an option and you'll be left scrambling to secure transport. Choosing a dealer nearer the boat's final destination can make the logistics of getting it to the lake a lot easier as well as cheaper.

Don't forget your boat will also eventually require service or repairs. Do you want to trailer your boat a few miles or a few hundred miles to the dealership? The purchase price is important but it's not the most important factor. 

2. What Do Online Reviews Say?  

Of course, you'll check with your boat-owning friends and family first for their feedback but don't forget to seek out the opinions of strangers on the internet as well. Many people think reviews are only for restaurants but people leave reviews for every product and service imaginable nowadays, so don't ignore the information available.

Be sure to take each review with a grain of skepticism, however. Some people are never satisfied and write unfairly negative reviews while others have a personal investment with the company and may be undeservedly positive. If a company has mostly good reviews that sound fair and reasonable, you can feel comfortable adding them to your list of places to visit. 

3. How Do They Treat Prospective Customers? 

You've narrowed down the options and now it's time to visit the showroom. When you walk in the door, you should feel comfortable and be greeted quickly. You should feel like the salesperson is interested in making sure you're a satisfied customer, not just making a sale. Buying a boat is a big investment and you want to work with a salesperson who is educated on the products and services they offer.